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Twitter's Chronological Timeline is Back, Which Provides a Range of Potential Benefits

Twitter: What would you like from us?

The World: An edit button

Twitter: Glad we asked - here’s something else

There are some people that are actually not interested in an edit button for Twitter - there’s the chance it could lead to many problems with people liking and retweeting tweets which, given the brevity of tweets, could easily be changed, making users look like they’re advocating for something that they may have no interest in being a proponent of.

However, there are those of us who always hit the “Most recent” button on Facebook, and very much welcome a chronological feed option for Twitter. This feature was first tested in November - Twitter began testing the option to make it easier for users to see the latest tweets on their feed first, rather than what was pushed into their feed based on the company’s algorithm. Now, it has been rolled out to all users.

As shown in the screenshots above, you'll now see a little sparkle icon that above your home timeline. Tap on it, and you have the option to switch to a feed of chronological tweets. The toggle is currently only available on iOS, though Android users will also soon see the same.

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