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  • Farah Jane Aujero

Twitter New spaces

The Initial Rollout of New Spaces Tab launches by Twitter

Twitter, to this day is making more upgrades for its advancement in social media world. Recently, a new dedicated Spaces (a live audio conversation tab) in the app is in the next stage of testing. 500 iOS users set to see the new button appearing on their app. The aim of this is putting increased focus on Spaces discovery. Anyone with over 600 followers can create their own audio Space and be able to broadcast their thoughts around the world.

"Twitter says the tab will showcase the Spaces being hosted by people you follow, but these won’t appear like they do on the Fleet line today at the top of the Timeline. Instead, the discovery tab will present Spaces in a more visual format, similar to the promotion cards that appear when you tweet about upcoming Spaces."

Early testing has been interesting as it focuses on discovering beyond anyone’s connections in the app. The tab was designed to see a clear “Outside your network” headline. This is Twitter’s first step and maybe the best way to kick start that engagement and discovery behaviour and soon be expanding out to broader highlights.

Twitter’s last action of adding a tab was in 2015. It was “Moments” and made a massive deal out of it. While this approach has failed, Twitter decided going back to simple four tab as users are looking for simply user-friendly app the way it was before.

If the new tab can show how valuable it is to users, a personally engaging stuff, heap of good, it will likely lies in just how relevant its Spaces recommendations can be.

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