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  • Meerelle Cruz

Twitter Looks to Boost Climate Change Discussion Ahead of World Environment Day

Climate change is still a major worry, and while it has taken a backseat while we deal with the epidemic, attention will soon return to environmental problems and how we can, and should, do more to solve them.

On June 05, 2021, which was the World Environment Day, Twitter has launched a new Climate Change topic for users to follow to stay up to date on the latest news, as well as new collaborations and programs to assist solve environmental problems in various ways. World Environment Day serves as a useful reminder of the issue and what needs to be discussed, and it's encouraging to see Twitter attempting to provide more information and encourage informed discussion within the app.

Twitter continues to extend its topic listings as part of its ongoing efforts to broaden user horizons on the app, with more than 7,000 handpicked topics now available to follow in the app. The idea is that, rather than simply following specific people, users would be able to find more content relevant to their interests, and that themes will make it a little easier for new Twitter users to locate tweets of interest to add to their streams.

Moreover, Twitter explained that they took more actions this week to better serve the climate discourse on the platform. During global crises, they know that people use the service to find reliable information. Everyone may now follow the Climate Change Topic to access tailored conversations about climate change, including Tweets from environmental and sustainability organizations, activists, and scientists, starting this week. When you follow the Topic, these Tweets will appear in your home timeline.

Twitter has also reaffirmed its commitment to lowering its carbon footprint by hoping that by the end of 2022, they have already reached their target of 100 percent carbon-neutral power source in their current data centers. They have collaborated with Cool Effect, a nonprofit that helps support green initiatives across the world by offsetting emissions from their data centers and staff travel. 92 percent of Twitter’s global offices have met the "Green Building Certified" standard thus far, with more on the way.

Twitter's moderators will manage the new Climate Change subject, ensuring that only the most relevant messages are delivered to users. Additionally, in collaboration with a number of organizations, including the Earth Day Network, the United Nations (UN) Environment Programme, Voice for the Planet, WWF, and others, Twitter is distributing new #AdsForGood funds for environmental initiatives.

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