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Twitter Encourages Discourse on Climate Change for World Environment Day

The 5th of June is the World Environment Day, and in light of this, Twitter has launched a new Climate Change subject for users to follow, as well as new collaborations and activities to actively address environmental problems in various ways.

According to Twitter, they took additional actions this week to better serve the climate discourse on Twitter. During global crises, it is known to them that people use the service to find reliable information. As such, users may now follow the Climate Change Topic on Twitter to access tailored conversations about climate change, including Tweets from environmental and sustainability organizations, environmental activists, and scientists, as of this week. When they follow the topic, such Tweets will appear in the users' home timeline.

Twitter's moderators will manage the new Climate Change subject, ensuring that only the most relevant messages are delivered to users.

Moreover, in collaboration with a number of organizations, including the Earth Day Network, the United Nations (UN) Environment Programme, Voice for the Planet, WWF, and others, Twitter is distributing new #AdsForGood funds to environmental initiatives.

Twitter has also reaffirmed its commitment to lowering its carbon footprint, with their objective of reaching 100% carbon-neutral power source in their current data centers by the end of 2022. They have also collaborated with Cool Effect, a nonprofit organization that helps support green initiatives across the world by offsetting emissions from our data centers and staff travel.

Also, with these initiatives, 92% of Twitter's global offices have reached the "Green Building Certified" standard, and assures that the number will certainly increase in the future.

While the spotlight has shifted away from environmental issues as we battle the pandemic, it will soon return to how we can, and should, do more to address this issue.

Hence, World Environment Day serves as a useful reminder of the issue and what needs to be considered, and it's encouraging to see Twitter attempting to provide more information and promote informed discussion within the app.

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