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  • Isabel Encinares

TikTok Has Been The Leading App For Months

At this point in time, practically everyone is aware of what TikTok is and how popular it has become. While there have been multiple controversies within the app regarding safety and the like, TikTok continues to exhibit amazing growth rates and top the global iOS and Android download charts.

Based on the latest data from Sensor Tower, TikTok has held the number one spot for months and is only continuing to grow, even with regulatory concerns and the rise of alternatives. According to SensorTower :

"TikTok was the most downloaded non-gaming app worldwide for May 2021 with more than 80 million installs. The countries with the largest number of TikTok installs were from Brazil at 16%, followed by Douyin in China at 12%."

The statement by Sensor Tower does not only talk about the TikTok app alone but also factors in the Chinese version ‘Douyin’. However, the app’s growth is still nothing to scoff at and the fact that it has been sustained this long is impressive. Because of the amazing results that TikTok is putting out, marketers and people everywhere need to pay attention to the app and consider its potential and its possible value in your marketing plans.

However, while TikTok is growing at an amazing pace and shows no signs of slowing down, they do face various challenges that may potentially stunt their growth. The European Commission recently gave TikTok a month to respond to the claim that TikTok is a danger to minors. Moreover, Italian authorities forced the company to remove over 500,000 accounts due to the possible harm it may bring to minors.

There are still a few concerns regarding data surveillance and the possible connection of TikTok to the Chinese Government. These concerns may also be further brought up and pushed due the app recently adding biometric data collection, which may spark alarm bells among groups in charge of regulation and privacy of data. In response to the controversies surrounding TikTok, the US has implemented restrictions on Chinese-owned companies using surveillance technology outside of China, however it is still possible that TikTok end up caught in all the conflict.

In other words, while TikTok is currently overwhelmingly popular, it may still end up banned or restricted in numerous areas or regions due to the number of investigations examining potential risks in the app.

As of now, TikTok is an extremely popular and important platform that all brands should be aware of and monitor. Moreover, they should also start to utilize tiktok for their marketing campaign, especially as it adds more business tools and grows in popularity. Looking at all apps globally, Facebook is still the king of that chart as they have 4 of the top 10 apps in all categories. As of now, TikTok remains a competitor to be monitored, especially as it is projected to reach a billion users within the year.

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