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  • Meerelle Cruz

TikTok Expands its Marketing Partner Program to Include Audio Elements

Many marketers have become accustomed to building for 'sound off' situations to maximize their messaging to a broader range of people, but TikTok is a sound on the environment, which is a shift for many marketers who have become accustomed to building for sound for foundations to maximize their messaging to a broader range of people.

Sound, on the other hand, is considered crucial to the in-app experience by 88 percent of TikTok users, and 73 percent are more inclined to stop and look at advertising with audio, making it a key consideration for brand content campaigns. To facilitate unique music and effects to accompany advertisements, TikTok is expanding its marketing partner program to assist marketers to lean into the audio experience.

TikTok is introducing six certified Sound Partners who can assist businesses in developing TikTok sound-on initiatives. They’re excited to connect brands with trusted partners who can help them leverage the unique potential of TikTok's sound-on environment at scale, in addition to our Commercial Music Library, which contains over 150,000 pre-cleared, royalty-free tracks sourced from emerging artists and top-tier music houses. The new sound partners for TikTok will specialize in two areas: 'Custom Sound' and 'Subscription Sound.'

KARM, MassiveMusic, and The Elements, among other Custom Sound partners, will be able to create bespoke tracks geared at inspiring community interaction, as well as generating audio for the platform's hashtag Challenges and video campaigns. Meanwhile, Subscription Sound partners would provide 'flexible music offers' through monthly, annual, or project-based licensing arrangements. Epidemic Sound, Songtradr, and UnitedMasters are among the category's partners.

Many brands have had positive outcomes from sound-aligned marketing, according to TikTok, including online apparel store ASOS, which created its own branded trend with the #AySauceChallenge. In just six days, the Branded Hashtag Challenge Plus surpassed 1.2 billion video views globally, with 488,000 films generated and 167,000 users participating. For the ad, ASOS also commissioned a Brand Lift Study, which revealed a 25% boost in aided brand awareness.

In contrast to more disruptive ads, the platform's creative, collaborative nature is perfectly fitted to this type of strategy, inviting the TikTok community to participate in the promotion. But, on the other hand, there is a measure of risk involved. If you choose the wrong music in an attempt to start your trend, you risk falling into the 'How are you doing, fellow kids' category, which might result in your brand being slammed in comments both on and off the app.

This is perhaps all the more reason to rely on these certified partner businesses, who can use their platform experience to help you avoid mistakes while also staying on-trend.

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