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The social media universe in 2020

The social media space is always evolving, and this year, it's seen significant growth due to our in-person social interactions being restricted, and people seeking alternative ways to stay in touch with the wider world.

That's accelerated our reliance on social media and messaging apps, and while you would expect that to ease back at some point once we're able to return to a level of normal, that growth is still largely in line with what we've been seeing over the last decade. More people are becoming more reliant on social networks - which has both positive and negative aspects.

But either way, the sheer usage numbers are undeniable - social media, however you look at it, has shifted the modern media landscape.

To provide further context on this, the team from Visual Capitalist recently put together this infographic which provides a scale comparison of each of the major social networks by using planets as a visual guide. And while the numbers here were published before the most recent updates from each network (Facebook, for example, now has 2.7b monthly users, while Pinterest has 416m MAU), the basic comparison is still up to date. Where each network is placed is where it should be within this scale.

Interesting, too, to note the rise of TikTok, which is listed as having 800 million MAU in this chart. That was likely before the app was shut down in India - more recent figures put TikTok at 689m MAU. But still, the app's growth, within this scale, is huge, underlining its potential.

Definitely some interesting points of note - check out the full infographic below.

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