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Snapchat launches new campaign to highlight its potential for businesses promotions

Snapchat has this week launched a new campaign to highlight the potential of its platform for business promotions, which features a range of high-profile ad executives commenting on their experiences in connecting with audiences through the app.

The campaign includes endorsements from Blake Stuchin, the Vice President of Digital Development at the NFL, Sadira Furlow, the VP of Marketing at Frito Lay and Maria Milenkova of Starling Bank, among others, who each discuss the benefits of using Snap to connect with the next generation of media consumers - or 'The Snapchat Generation' as Snap has labeled them.

The campaign also has its own mini-site, which includes more endorsements, as well as a range of case studies which further highlight how various businesses are using Snap to connect with their target markets.

There are some interesting elements here, particularly the focus on how younger audiences use Snapchat to connect.

As noted by Charlotte Swead, a marketing manager at Depop:

"It's no longer about engagement, it's actually about interaction."

Indeed, the main push of the campaign is 'hyper-engagement', with friends using Snap to re-share valuable information with their close friends. That includes promotional material which has been constructed in alignment with Snap usage. In essence, the campaign, through various case studies, shows how brands that take the time to understand, and build promotions that link into Snap user behaviors, can build more magnetic, resonant campaigns which see high-sharing potential through word of mouth.

Of course, that'll be different for every brand, and taking the time to get that level of in-depth understanding of the platform does require a level of investment. But with so many case studies and examples on offer here, it may well be worth taking the time to go through this latest resource listing in order to better gauge whether Snapchat is right for your next promotion.

The app is growing (now up to 238 million daily active users) and its audience is also getting older, and moving into all new spending brackets. While Snapchat may not offer the broad reach of Facebook, it could facilitate a more powerful form of interactive endorsement, which could help boost brand awareness among your target market.

You can check out the new 'Snapchat Generation' mini-site here

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