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Snapchat Launches First Voice-Activated Promoted Lens for Upcoming Movie 'Shazam'

Snapchat is looking to add another element to its Promoted Lens options with the launch of a voice-activated AR effect as part of a promotion for the upcoming Warner Brothers movie 'Shazam'.

As you can see here, after you access the new Lens - which you can do by scanning the Snapcode on Shazam movie posters - you can activate the effect by saying 'OK, Shazam'.

The promotion aligns with how the character in the movie activates his superpower - whenever 12 year-old Billy Batson says 'Shazam', he transforms into a full-grown size hero.

And while it's a significant step, adding direct audio triggers into its promoted Lens toolkit, it isn't the first time Snapchat has utilized audio within Lenses. Last May, the app launched a new set of Lens options which respond to both visual and audio cues.

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