Pinterest Adds More Ways for Businesses to Share and Promote their Products

Ahead of a potential IPO later in the year, Pinterest is ramping up its eCommerce tools, this time through the addition of new product catalogs and personalized shopping recommendations, in order to maximize business potential.

First, in addition to the 'More like this' option beneath each Pin, which uncovers visually similar items, Pinterest is also adding a 'More from [brand]' option, which will showcase a broader range of product Pins from the same business.

As you can see in the above example, when you scroll down from a Pin, there'll be a new option, where available, to also tap on the 'More from [brand]' list, which will showcase similar items, but confined to that provider. That'll definitely prove popular with brands - at present, the 'More like this...' option can take users away from their offerings, even if they might have similar product in their catalog that would fit the bill. This option will enable businesses to keep users around for longer, and help facilitate brand loyalty on the platform.

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