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LinkedIn Updates Feed Algorithm to Generate More Engagement for Users

Have you been seeing more interaction with your LinkedIn updates of late?

There's a reason for that - according to a new post on the LinkedIn Engineering blog, LinkedIn recently updated its algorithm to generate more engagement on each users' posts after it found that people weren't posting updates as often because the algorithm had too heavily emphasized content from top creators.

As explained by LinkedIn:

"More and more people are using the feed and giving feedback to their network’s posts: our members generate tens of millions of viral actions (likes, comments, and reshares), and the number is increasing more than 50% YoY. However, we found that these increases weren’t equally distributed. In fact, at the beginning of 2018, we were in danger of creating an economy where all the gains in viral actions accrued to the top 1% power users, while the majority of creators who don’t receive much feedback were receiving less than ever."

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