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  • Isabel Encinares

LinkedIn’s Newest Guide on Brand Building

In order to help various businesses perform in the best ways possible, LinkedIn has just created and released a new guide outlining several effective brand building strategies.

During the pandemic, a multitude of businesses were affected and marketers were forced to change their strategies and plans. Due to this, brands must keep in mind the importance of long-term prospects and at the same time manage and respond to immediate changes in the market.

"Short-term sales activation messages are unlikely to be a hit right now, which is why your brand is more important than ever. Binet and Field are two of B2B marketing’s leading thinkers on brand effectiveness, and they are pretty clear on what works. Brand building - broader messaging that works on an emotional level - is far more effective at driving long-term growth. And that’s exactly what content marketing can help you achieve. Just as importantly, those emotions are absolutely crucial to realising the kind of fame that puts you at the forefront of your audience’s mind."

The new 13-page guide book focuses on branding strategy and contains a number of notes on key elements that every marketer should consider when planning. Moreover, the guide also details just how LinkedIn can assist in boosting online presence and connection.

As many marketers are changing up plans and campaigns far too early, LinkedIn’s guide first highlights and explains exactly why long-term building and activation is important.

As can be seen above, this guide focuses on B2B marketing, but it should be noted that notes and ideas seen in the guide are mostly universal and can be applied to almost all branding campaigns and strategies.

Moreover, the guide takes its explanations a step further by outlining and listing more specific steps that will allow you to maximize your digital branding efforts and results.

While most steps in the guide may seem like common sense, breaking everything down and studying it carefully helps give marketers a clearer picture of how to incorporate each element and step into their very own marketing strategy.

The guide contains some very interesting notes which are sure to get you inspired and thinking about your campaign strategies.

You can download the full guide HERE.

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