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It's no longer 'Facebook or nothing' for mobile ads during the holidays

As mobile shopping grows, marketeers can't simply stick with what worked last year if they want to connect with smartphone users during the crucial holiday season.

Several trends point to marketers taking a more diversified approach in 2018 than in the recent past when it comes to engaging mobile users with holiday-themed ads.

This year, several social media platforms have significantly expanded advertising options, and ad sales are growing as a result, in many cases. Brands looking for the next big thing are also likely to explore voice activations and ads supported by artificial intelligence (AI) for time-crunched holiday shoppers, thanks to several technology advances. At the same time, Facebook's importance for brands could be in question in response to a number of developments, including pricier ads and declining returns on investment. The latter has been driven by the social behemoth's decision to prioritize content that encourages meaningful interaction over passive viewing and the lingering effects of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. What it all adds up to is that mobile advertising is no longer "Facebook or nothing," Jeff Hasen, mobile strategist for Possible Mobile, told Mobile Marketer.

"YouTube's ad spend is up considerably, specifically 189% through the second quarter [of 2018]," Hasen said. "And Pinterest is projected to see a doubling in spend year over year."

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