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Instagram's working on simulcast live streams to Facebook

his could be interesting. According to a new discovery by Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is testing an option that would enable you to simulcast your Instagram Live sessions over to your Facebook Page, essentially broadcasting to your audiences on both platforms at the same time.

COMING SOON? - Instagram is testing a 'Simulcast to Facebook' option for live video h/t @alex193a

— Matt Navarra | ???? #StayAtHome (@MattNavarra)April 16, 2020

This screenshot is from the Story settings menu on Instagram - when checked, as per the description, this would see your future Instagram Live broadcasts also appear on Facebook.

That could greatly expand your live-stream reach, and make it a more appealing option. Right now, you have the capacity to save your Instagram Live stream to your camera roll after the completion of your broadcast, which you can then re-post to other platforms as you see fit, but this would make it possible to facilitate more engagement with the active stream, and maximize your efforts.

Add to this the fact that you can also now view Instagram Live streams on desktop PCs and you can see how the potential of Instagram Live is expanding. With live video being the closest thing we currently have to real-life social interaction, streaming tools have seen a new boom, with Zoom, Houseparty and even Facebook's own video calling tools seeing massive growth over the last month. 

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri recently noted that the platform has more plans in the works to help people maximize Instagram Live, including new tools for artists to gather donations during their streams, as a replacement for real-world gigs. This new update, currently in testing, is likely a part of those expanded efforts - and it might not be the only update we get for the Instagram streaming option. 

It could provide a heap of new potential - we'll keep you updated on any progress. 

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