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Instagram's Testing a New Format for Stories Options

Instagram is testing out a new format for its Stories camera, which harks back to traditional photographic process by providing a selector wheel to choose the option/s you want to use.

The new format was spotted by social media code hacker Jane Manchun Wong, who also notes that the camera modes in this new layout have been reduced from eight to just three. None of the options have been removed however, they've just been categorized into these new elements - for example, currently in the Stories camera, you have options like 'Boomerang', 'Superzoom' and 'Rewind' lined along the bottom of the screen.

In this format, Wong notes that each is now available under the 'Normal' or 'Create' options, with 'Live' remaining its own mode:

Normal - Hosts capture modes, including 'Superzoom' and 'Rewind', as well as Instagram's AR effects tools

Create - This is where you can find your text and sticker tools

That new flow will mean that users may need to scroll around several times during their creation process in order to add in all the effects they might want, which could take some getting used to. But the rounded selector does make it a little easier to do so, and looks like a helpful addition - if, of course, Instagram does choose to go ahead with the format.

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