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How to stand-out during the holidays with your campaigns?

Author: Esmé Bouhali

The end of the year is on its way, the competitive struggle to get the consumers attention is about to start. Businesses bring big amounts of budget and the beautiful content is thrown all around you. But what to do as a marketeer? Where to begin during the holidays and how to stand out?


Times are changing and so are your consumers needs. Where everyone bought their Christmas gifts around November, consumers are shopping earlier every year. Respond to their needs by advertising earlier than most companies. Your timing and content needs to be feeding your consumers needs. It’s all about the relevance.

Black Friday

Something very American is Black Friday. But is it still only American? Black Friday is getting bigger and bigger in Europe each year. Not only Black Friday is making its way into our society, also Singles Day and Cyber Monday are getting bigger. These days are providing very interesting business opportunities. Coming back to our previous subject: relevance. These days are perfect opportunities to feed the needs of your consumer to do shop their holiday gifts earlier. The content for these days are nothing special, so stand out and bring some phenomenal content to impress the consumers.


Emotion is the biggest component when it comes to brand preferences. Not very surprising but yet very important to keep in mind. The holiday season brings a lot warm feelings and other emotions with it, which are perfect to play on as a business. The impact of emotion on social media is very big. The trick is to be spot-on, combine appropriate audience insights to relevant brand values for the best result.

You know what to do now right? Create a relevant campaign, that’s spot-on and plays on the consumers emotions. Take advance of the special days like Black Friday by standing out with you content.

Everything all set? Let us define your audience and channel your campaign for the best results.

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