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How Brands Can Connect with Gen Z through Social Media Marketing

Most Instagram users will be at least somewhat familiar with the fashion brand Revolve. The company has successfully used celebrities and mega influencers to boost brand awareness, and turn the label into a billion dollar success.

Revolve attributes its influencer marketing strategy with bringing in as much as $650 million to $700 million in revenue a year - and now, it's looking to take that approach to the next level, with the launch of a new, Gen Z focused label called Superdown.

Revolve's approach through Superdown is to cater more directly to the needs to the next generation of consumers - most notably through more accessible price points and, of course, influencer activation.

The strategy is representative of a wider shift in the industry, with an increasing number of brands adapting their products and marketing strategies to cater to this emerging consumer cohort. True digital natives, with limited patience and attention spans, Gen Z is the next frontier for marketers - and with the eldest turning 22 this year, and their spending power already estimated between $29 and $143 billion, understanding their behavior is fast becoming essential for those brands that want to capture and maintain their attention.

Here's a look at the behaviors which have lead to brands like Revolve honing their strategies for this demographic.

They are habitual multi-screeners

Whether they’re scrolling Instagram with one eye still on Netflix, or using their iPad to shop, Gen Z has grown up with cell phones in their hands, and they are highly adept at multitasking.

With their attention split across devices, converting them into a captive audience presents a challenge - but some brands have managed to use this behavior to their advantage. Last year in the UK, fast fashion retailer Missguided partnered with the wildly popular reality TV show 'Love Island' to dress participants in their clothing. Viewers could see their favorite personalities on screen, in an outfit that was instantly available for them to shop as they watched. The brand saw a 40% uplift in sales as a result. 

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