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Facebook now lets you create petitions for social causes

In the past few years, Facebook’s been concentrating on community-based features like Candidate Info and Town Hall to increase users’ engagement with local government and politics. In its latest move, it’ll roll out a petition feature you can use to create a campaign that other folks can support. TechCrunch, which got a sneak peek of the feature from the company, says that Facebook is aiming to focus this feature around local causes and on bringing them to the attention of government bodies in charge of them.

The petition feature, which is called Community Actions, will start rolling out in the US from today. You can create an Action with a title and description, and tag the relevant authority or agency that can act on it. Other users can “support” the petition and share the cause to their feeds to help it gather momentum.

You can only participate in the discussion about an action if you choose to support it. If you’re against an Action, you can’t register your opposition with a downvote-like button. Instead, you’ll either have to share the cause with your followers and post a comment or report it.

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