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Facebook Messenger 4 will make it easier for users to connect with brands

The messaging app is giving more prominence to its 'Discover' tab where users can directly message companies on the platform.

Facebook has started rolling out a new version of Messenger — called Messenger 4 — that promises a more “simplified” experience. Among the updates, the messaging app is reducing the current number of tabs from nine tabs down to only three: a Chats tab, People tab and Discover tab.

Other new features will include the ability to personalize chats using customized color gradients to reflect the mood or topic of conversation and a “Dark Mode” interface that minimizes phone screen glare.

Why marketers should care

While the earlier versions of Facebook Messenger included a “Discover” tab, Messenger 4 will give more prominence to the area of the app where users can find and communicate with businesses directly.

Previously, Facebook Messenger included nine tabs, but as the newest version begins to roll out, users will only see three tabs — a Chats tab which will be “front and center” of the app and include a Camera at the top; the People tab to find friends, see who is active and view Stories; and, the Discover tab where users will be able to, as Facebook writes, “…connect with businesses to get the latest deals, play Instant Games, book your next vacation, follow the news and more.”

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