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Facebook launches website to help businesses advance their social impact

Facebook has launched a new website which includes a range of resources and tools designed to help businesses advance their social impact.

As explained by Facebook:

"We designed our new social good website to help businesses achieve their purpose and change the world. From insights and inspiration to programs and resources, you can use this site to learn how your business can make an impact."

Indeed, Facebook notes that its broader company mission is to "give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together". Which doesn't always seem like the company's driving force, given its decisions, but ostensibly, this is Facebook's key mission, and this new social good website aligns with that.

The mini-site includes notes on how to start a fundraiser, how to donate to a cause through your business, and provides case studies of various brands that have made a positive impact.

And such initiatives are important - according to research, the majority of younger consumers are more likely to support brands which openly show support for social causes, and look to make an impact on the world. That type of support can help to boost your brand messaging and patronage, while also enabling you to amplify initiatives that are important to you, a win-win in many respects.

Facebook's new mini-site provides more insight on how to do this - you can check out the new Social Good for Business site here.

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