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F8 conference Facebook

Early May Facebook organised it's annual Facebook conference called F8. All meant for the developers community.

Facebook updates it's developers community for all the products.

In short, what happened?

F8 conference breakdown on all the new things around the different products that the Facebook family offers:

Big part of the keynote from Mark Zuckerberg was about the latest riot against the facebook privacy roadmap

- Facebook is challenging fake news

- Election interference ( ads transparancy tool)

- Fact checkers

- App audit team to check every app that uses peoples information

- Clear history tool

- And some more.

After he wrapped this up, the real story began, How to move forward...

The first update Mark mentioned was something called "Watchparty" Basically watch video and chat with your friends together.

A big update comes from the groups and communities part.

Since the changed mission statement last year, ( “bring people closer together” ) Facebook started working harder on building the communities on the platform.

Big attention goes out to building the communities to the next level

New features will be;

- Groups tab

- Join groups button to add on your website

A large update comes from the big new market that Facebook is challenging, and competitors “be aware”

Facebook is seriously entering the domain of dating.

Over 200 million users with the status single can join the dating platform. Looking forward to see the effects this will have on this huge market

Mentioning markets, is a small step to Facebook marketplace. Challenging another huge domain. Marketplace is launching over the world for all Facebook users.

Instagram has some updates as well

Over 100 million people follow hashtags on Instagram. A fast growth.

A new design for explorer

We are getting video chat in instagram

AR camera effects in Instagram

And of course Whatsapp

Whatsapp is finally getting Group video calling

And a major shift to Corporate business solutions. A way to make money for Whatsapp.

Messenger gets a flashy new design with the same feature as Instagram for AR camera effects


Facebook is making huge steps on the area of VR. Now it's possible mapping out immersive spaces ( let an old room be relived in a new way)

Another interesting fact, just number crunching....The latest number on advertisers on Facebook.

6 million advertisers

The growth in the next few years once it will become normal to advertise on social beside other channels will make the numbers of advertisers and budget spend go wild.....

We are ready!

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