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Emoji-Style Reactions For Twitter are Underway

According to the newest findings by reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, emoji-style reaction buttons for tweets are in the works, as Twitter continues to develop its new icons.

Based on Twitter's research on platform use, the 'laughing while crying' and 'crying face' emojis were the most used in 2020, and it seems the selection for these new emoji reactions will have the trending emojis as its basis, of which can enable more options to swiftly respond to tweets and relates to other social platforms' reaction usage, such as in Facebook and LinkedIn.

The four new options, aside from the current Like heart, are:

• Cheer

• Hmm

• Sad

• Haha

At the moment, the icon for Cheer and Sad is the same with the Like heart, though it will eventually change with further development.

The testing for new reaction styles doesn't come as a big surprise, for Twitter surveyed users back in March for the possibility of putting a wider range of emoji styled reactions, letting users have more ways to respond to tweets as reported by TechCrunch.

Their survey included the option of up and down arrows for 'Agree' and 'Disagree' , including emoji options for 'Awesome', 'Sad', 'Interesting', and 'Funny' in addition to the heart for Like.

Twitter once launched similar emoji reaction tools back in 2015, and experimented on down and up voting in 2018 but ultimately didn't settle for any of those tools.

Though this new reaction options may never have its debut like its predecessors, these tools would surely be of great use when it is eventually rolled-out.

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