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Black Friday advertising on social, crazy or ?

In the US the Black Friday sales went up to an amazing 7,4 billion. It's getting bigger by the year.

And for this 2020 season the numbers are going up again.

Customers Are Expected to Spend 20 Percent More in 2020

A big difference this year will be the way we spend it and the way Thanksgiving is held.

Not visiting relatives, no travels, but also shops closed on Thanksgiving day is to be expected.

“In the past few years, many retailers have been opened on Thanksgiving day but this year many retailers like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Kohl’s and others have already announced that they will keep their stores closed on Thanksgiving and we expect no in-store events on Black Friday either,” reports

E-Commerce Black Friday Shopping is Expected to Increase Up To 30 Percent in 2020

Most of the sales will be made online this year, the growth will be insane.

“Since the pandemic, online shopping spend has increased 59 percent compared to this time last year,” says Joshua Ogugua of The Drum.“Consumers are now more confident and more skilled when making purchases online.”

54% of Consumers Start Holiday Shopping Before Black Friday

So the season is about to start early and maybe longer this year, past cyber-monday

Black Friday Discounts Now Average Nearly 50 Percent

Mobile Transactions Account for 66 Percent of Global Black Friday Sales

Black Friday is mobile shopping all around.

However, with the Covid pandemic and more people working from home behind their computer and laptop, I won't be surprised to see an uprise in the Desktop compared to other years.

On Black Friday 2019, more people shopped online than in stores — 142.2 million shopped online, while 124 million shopped in-store. (Source: National Retail Federation)

Social media

Social media will play a huge part again in the advertising of the BF deals.

The CPM prices will rise abpve and beyond, expected to be the highest ever.

Black Friday has the largest impact on the cost of social CPM, with an increase of 50 percent, followed by Cyber Monday at 38 percent.

Over 53% of American shoppers use social networks to purchase for sales holidays like Black Friday. Last year, Black Friday sales stood at $7.4 billion out of which $2.9 billion came mobile and social networks. This is a 21% year-over-year growth for sales on that particular day.

A lot of cases and research show a rise in conversion. So more expansive is not a bad thing, keep the numbers of cpm vs conversion on top of your reports during the days

An average of 1% higher conversion rate on BF en CM, but much more expansive clicks.

A few tips:

Go for a wide approach and cheap CPM.

First how of your ad and retarget your interest groups i.e. with website visitors.

Use the cheaper channels beside Facebook to show your ads for cheaper CPM prices. For example Twitter or Pinterest.


Posts with hashtags get 200% more engagement than posts without them.

Users on social media are actively searching for the best deals , search on social media is based on hashtags. Use the right ones.


Create a lot of different ads with the same creative layout.

  • Product

  • Price

  • Discount

Make many of them to see where your audience resonates and converts.

By testing a lot, you will get a lot of data in your campaign and be able to make quick fixes and budget decisions on the best conversion.

Hour to hour

During Black Friday the day is really split into 24 different hours. Someone buying in the morning is a totally different person than the one late in the evening. Keep track of that data and adjust


Pinterest has the coolest search engine around for product shopping

VIsual search, use this in your creatives to guide the users


Unfortunately BF is not the most creative part of the year , advertisers aren't really going for the best creative

2. Amazon was the most-anticipated Black Friday ad in 2019 — despite the fact that it doesn't release an official Black Friday ad, just a list of deals. (Source:

To get you inspired , a few cool ads

An oldie first

This is a great one too....

I will watch the best ads for 2020 and make sure to share them with you

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