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60% Of Consumers Click On Mobile Ads At Least Once A Week

NEW YORK, Nov. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Studies show that 60 percent of consumers will click on mobile ads weekly or more.

Considering that nearly 50 percent of Internet usage is completed on mobile devices and mobile apps create $188.9 billion in revenue, brands should invest in a bevy of mobile-friendly advertisements to capture new consumers, retarget visitors, and increase conversions., an agency directory and ranking site, rounded up the top mobile marketing best practices to ensure business growth.

3 Mobile Marketing Best Practices To Improve Click-Through Rates In 2018

1. Include Clear Calls To Action

Don't assume your customers intrinsically know the action you want them to take. Instead, include easy-to-read calls to action that explain the desired action (such as "click here" or "read now") at the top of the ad. Plus, try to customize CTAs when possible. Personalized calls to action have conversion rates that are 202 percent better.

2. Make Messaging Concise

Mobile screens are small – which makes an overload of information confusing and hard to read. To improve user experience and ensure your main message is well-received by viewers, only include what's necessary. Avoid flowery language and overwhelming design elements. Instead, keep the focus on the brand and the call to action.

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