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  • Meerelle Cruz

YouTube Launches New Clips and Image Polls

YouTube has launched Clips, a tool that allows users to extract samples from videos and will be available to all creators by the end of the week.

Clips, which was first released in beta in 2021, allows artists to highlight significant moments on live streams and VOD by creating a clip of the video.

Originally intended for gaming makers, the tool is beneficial for all YouTube creators, particularly those who produce long-form material. Creators can choose 5-60 seconds of a video or live stream and establish its unique clip URL, which will play on loop for any viewers who click on the link straight on the video's existing Watch Page.

Clipping Techniques

  • On the video's Watch Page, beside the 'Share' and 'Save' options, click the 'Clip' button.

  • Choose the segment of the video you want to make a Clip of, then move the bars to change the length of the movie.

  • Give it a title.

  • 'Share Clip' will appear.

  • Copy the URL and paste it into your preferred platform/s.

Meanwhile, for some designers, polls have been a popular interactive feature that allows them to get feedback from their audience while also communicating with them. Creators could previously only conduct text-based polls, but with the new launch, they will be able to add images to polls. This is a popular feature that is now available on Android smartphones for artists with access to the Community tab and 500 or more subscribers.

Creators can share up to 500 subscribers, and watchers will be able to utilize it on Android, iOS, and PC.

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