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Twitter launched tweet scheduling feature for its web app

Sometimes you might have a great idea for a tweet but don’t want to post it straight away. While a bunch of third-party tools already offer tweet scheduling, Twitter itself has just launched the feature for its web app.

We first heard that Twitter was testing tweet scheduling in November 2019, and on Thursday the company announced it was rolling the feature out to one and all.

It’s easy to do. Just tap out your tweet and then click on the calendar icon below your text at the bottom of the compose window.

Then select the time and date for when you want the tweet to appear (tip: pay special attention to the time zone). Finally, click on the “confirm” button and you’re all set.

Scheduling tweets can be useful for a range of reasons. You may have a flurry of thoughts that you want to share with your followers, but you may be reluctant to bombard them in a short time frame. Or you might want to tweet something to coincide with an external event or announcement, but may not be able to do it at the time. Also, some people in the Twitter community use tools to learn about when their tweets receive the most engagement, so a scheduling feature can come in handy here, too (especially if it suggests you should post at 3 in the morning).

Save for later

Another new feature that dropped on Thursday is the ability to save a draft of a tweet using Twitter’s web app.

As the video below shows, to save a draft on Twitter’s web app, simply click on the “x” at the top left of the compose window and hit “save.” When you want to return to it, open the compose window and go to “unsent tweets” where you’ll find it waiting for you.

But take note — for now at least, drafts saved on the web app will not synchronize with the mobile app, and vice versa.

In other recent updates, Twitter said it’s starting to roll out a feature that lets you select who can reply to your tweets, giving you more control over who can contribute to a conversation.

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