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Twitter Expands Spaces Sharing Options, Introducing New Search Tools to Enhance Spaces Discovery

Twitter has updated its audio Spaces tool with new features, such as quicker Spaces sharing to increase awareness and interaction, as well as new search capabilities to help quickly discover the most relevant Spaces at any particular time.

To begin with, Twitter has implemented a new feature that allows Spaces attendees to tweet straight from within a Space, with the Space hashtag instantly generated in each new tweet.

As shown here, when you press the tweet button while viewing a Space, your tweet would then have both the appropriate hashtag and the Space link, making it much simpler to instantly spread the broadcast to your followers.

That might be a useful promotional trigger for Spaces presenters, and you should anticipate to receive a lot more requests to reveal Space specifics in order to attract more listeners. The feature is now available on both iOS and Android devices.

Spaces discovery is also important, since if individuals can't locate Spaces that are interesting to them, they'd quickly abandon the function as they won't even be able to tune in to the ones they like.

To remedy this, Twitter has included some additional search options within the Spaces tab, which are presently being trialled by some users.

Users with the Spaces tab may now utilize the new search options to identify related Spaces. This will be beneficial, but the ultimate key to optimizing Spaces will be discovery and showcasing relevant Spaces to each user depending on their interests.

Twitter's recommendation algorithms haven't always been fantastic at guiding users to the most relevant subjects and tweets, but the company will be trying to enhance this in order to optimize Spaces engagement, whereas these manual search tools will also deliver further guidance.

Needless to say, that is only useful to those who have access to the Spaces tab, which is now in limited beta. However, when Twitter drops Fleets next week, in-progress Spaces will be featured along the top of the feed bar instead. As a result of this move, Twitter is expected to make the new Spaces tab available to everyone.

Furthermore, Twitter has integrated some additional guest management tools within Spaces, including a control bar for users that is always reachable on top of the guest management page.

Twitter has also updated the layout here, making it much simpler for hosts to see who is currently in their Space.

On the whole, they are minor tweaks, but each serves a significant purpose in the larger scheme - and with Twitter about to place a greater emphasis on Spaces, it's critical that the platform capitalizes on all possibilities to increase interest and engagement.

Clubhouse has discovered that the more it opens up, the more difficult it is to manage its Room recommendations in order to keep people interested. Twitter will need to improve on this front, and while it will rely heavily on algorithms, manual search will also assist to increase Spaces engagement.

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