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TikTok Trend: The Picture NASA Took on My Birthday

You regularly see Instagram advertisements that you can gift someone an image of the starry sky on his or her birthday, but now there is a much better variant.

Looking up the space photo of your birthday and posting it on social media is now a hit on TikTok and Instagram Stories, among others.

The picture nasa took on my birthday

On social media many people post 'the picture nasa took on my birthday'. Did NASA post a photo of a black hole, a solar system, or just a mountain of stars on your birthday?

NASA runs a website called Astronomy Picture of the Day and it looks extremely old-fashioned (looks like a phishing site), but you'll find a new photo of space on it every day. If you click on archive at the bottom, you can look back to 2015, but if you want to look back to 1995, you go to Full Archive at the top.

Space photo on your birthday

This social media trend is really one for Generation Z and a small fraction of millennials. You can also see which photo Hubble took on your birthday; that could have been your twelfth or your thirtieth birthday, because on the special Hubble birthday page, you can only enter your birthday date, such as April 2, to see what beautiful pictures the Hubble Space Telescope took on that day in any given year. There are also share buttons right away, because NASA knows very well that it is participating in a true social media trend.

For example, if you search for April 2, you will see April 2 in 2009, when Hubble Space Telescope took a picture of galaxies ARP 274: “Arp 274 is a system of three galaxies that appear to partially overlap. Two of the galaxies are rapidly forming new stars, evident in the bright blue knots strung along the galaxy's arms on the right and the small galaxy on the left."

Endlessly interesting

The info is so interesting that you would prefer to look up every date, or at least the wedding day of your parents, the date of birth of your dog and the day you received your corona booster.

Space once again proves to be endlessly interesting and NASA has found a nice way to highlight that again!

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