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The Facebook hack affecting 50 million people

  • Facebook got hacked, it revealed on Friday – and 50 million users’ accounts were compromised.

  • What’s more, if the victims logged into other services – like Tinder, Instagram, or Spotify – with their Facebook accounts, those might be affected to.

  • It’s not clear whether the attackers did this, but the possibility may force companies that rely on Facebook’s login system to launch their own investigations.

  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was among the 50 million affected users.

Life just got worse for the 50 million people caught up in what may be the biggest hack of Facebook ever.

On Friday, the Silicon Valley tech firm revealed that it had detected a security breach in which an as-yet unknown attacker, or attackers, managed to gain access to tens of millions of users’ accounts by exploiting vulnerabilities in its software.

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