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Social Video Ad Revenue Is About To Explode

New analysis shows that social ad revenue is growing at an incredible rate, and this is why.

New analysis of ad spending and revenue in the United States shows that ad revenue from video on social media will skyrocket in the next few years, reaching over $11 billion by the year 2020.

For reference, that means ad revenue will more than double from 2017, when revenue was just $5.68 million.

This forecast comes courtesy of eMarketer, which for the first time included social media in-feed advertising in their video ad spending figures.

How the revenue breaks down

Not surprisingly, eMarketer shows that Facebook will lead all social networks in ad revenue, and it’s not even close. Of the $11.69 billion forecasted for 2020, a whopping $10.2 billion will come from Facebook.

Next is Twitter, which will tack on an additional $743 million (up from $563 million in 2017), and then Snapchat with $724 million (but they’ll take an even more impressive leap from $334 million in 2017 to get there).

The “Other” category, which excludes YouTube—a social network that is essentially all video—will add another $18 million+ as well.

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