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Snapchat's Planning to Release Another New Version of Spectacles

Snapchat's ad business is getting on the right track, but the company's not yet on a path to profitability. Meanwhile, the app is still hugely popular with younger users, but its daily active user rate is actually in slow decline.

This is where Snap Inc. sits as a company - for every positive, there's a 'but' attached, a proviso which may unravel everything. That makes it a risky bet - what Snap really needs now is another big product or feature, another significant launch that'll push it over the edge and put it on a clear path to success, ideally, one that doesn't have Facebook standing in its way. 

Spectacles could be that avenue.

Yes, it's true that Spectacles haven't been a hit thus far - Snap reportedly lost almost $40 million on unsold pairs of its original version of Spectacles, with hundreds of thousands of pairs left sitting in warehouses unsold. Yes, it's also true that Snap's subsequent Spectacles variations - the latest version being launched just weeks ago - haven't exactly been huge either. But the fact that Snap is sticking with them suggests there still may be more to the device than we've yet seen. And that could still be a significant factor, if Snap is able to get it right.

The latest news on the Spectacles front is that Snap's planning to launch yet another variation of the device, this time with a new design, a stronger, aluminum frame - and importantly, two cameras.

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