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Snapchat Releases 'Shared Stories', Enabling Users to Collaborate on Ephemeral Content

Snapchat recently released a new feature called 'Shared Stories', where the users may now collaborate on a Story that will appear on each of their profiles, allowing them to co-produce material and construct a thread of Stories.

With the addition of Shared Stories, users may create a Story, friends can contribute to it, and the new group can add additional friends to join in, allowing an entire Snapchat community to interact through Stories. All users that are a part of the thread will see the Shared Stories on their profiles.

Shared Stories, similar to regular Stories, are gone after 24 hours, but the conversation component found in regular Snapchat Stories is not available.

Users can also choose to leave a Shared Story. In addition, if someone they've blocked joins the Story, the platform will alert the other individuals in the Shared Story.

This feature is an improvement of Custom Stories, a tool that allows users to build a Story and invite friends to watch and participate in it.

Stories have been continuously innovated by the creator of the ephemeral format, with multiple integrations that combine other features and content forms with it. Shared Stories is one of the most recent versions to be released, with Dynamic Stories being the other.

Dynamic Stories is a Snapchat feature that allows you to share premium material with your friends and showcase news and information from reliable sources. This version is accessible through Snapchat's Discover tab, an in-app content hub.

The new Discover format takes an RSS feed from a partner to build Stories automatically from material a Publisher is already making on the web and present it on Snapchat.

Snapchat has made it simple for partners to create daily content and cut expenses by integrating Snapchat publishing into their existing workflow.

These Stories, which are available in the Discover feed, change in real-time, allowing viewers to stay up to current on the latest news as it happens.

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