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Snapchat Releases New Report on How and Why People Use Different Social Apps

Why do you open a social app? Is it to stay connected with friends and family, to check how many likes your latest post got? Maybe you're looking for news content?

There's a range of different ways people use each app. In order to glean more insight into why, specifically, users open certain social tools, Snapchat recently partnered with Murphy Research to conduct a study of more than 1,000 app users, aged between 13 and 44, to learn more about the apps they use, when they spend time on each, and how each makes them feel.

Here's an overview of their findings.

Snapchat Makes Users Feel Happy

I mean, this is a Snapchat-commissioned report, so it's not that surprising to learn that Snap comes out on top in terms of making users feel happy when they use it.

As per the report:

"In a world of apps that can make people feel anxious, isolated, or self-conscious, Snapchat is fundamentally the "feel-good" app. 95% of Snapchatters say the app makes them feel happy, more than any other app tested. Users also report feeling playful and silly while using it - likely because it’s a place where you can be yourself, stay close with good friends, and share your day-to-day."

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