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Snapchat Introduces New 'Custom Landmarkers' for Creating Location-Based AR Experiences

Snapchat has added a new Custom Landmarkers option in Lens Studio that allows anybody to create a location-locked AR experience, giving advertisers yet another method to use its AR Landmarks feature.

According to Snap:

“In 2019, we started with templates of 30 beloved sites around the world which creators could build upon called Landmarkers […] But there’s an infinite number of places for our AR creator community to build anchored, location-based Lenses – ranging from experiences that are entertaining, educational, or can even help businesses grow. Today, we’re launching Custom Landmarkers in Lens Studio, letting creators anchor Lenses to local places they care about – from statues to storefronts – to tell richer stories about their communities through AR.”

Landmarkers, as defined by Snap, allow creators to construct location-specific AR experiences by combining real-world infrastructure with digital effects.

You can use Custom Landmarkers to make your own AR effects tied to any location, such as an AR graphic that builds on your store branding or communicates your company's story via AR.

Still, that necessitates a certain level of technological know-how; but, you could collaborate with a Snap creator to develop a personalized AR experience, giving you even another option to communicate with your audience.

Snap is also creating its own AR-enabled glasses, which might make the experience much more compelling and entertaining in the coming years. People will soon be able to see your new AR designs and features just by glancing at your storefront in AR, or you can present special discounts, items, and more.

Snap claims that Custom Landmarkers can be accessed by actual Snapcodes at the landmark or on a Lens Creator's profile for the time being.

This might not be a priority for many businesses right now, but it could become a valuable option in the future, hence Snap is wise to seize the chance now and offer new opportunities to start producing in AR.

In other developments, Snapchat has announced its first Snap AR certification on Snap Focus, giving you even another chance to brush up on your AR skills.

Snap's ability to preserve its leader position in AR development, even with increased competition from larger companies, is remarkable. And as time goes on, that might become a much more important feature of the app.

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