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Snap Announces Lens Creative Partner Program to Boost Branded Lens Use

As Snapchat continues on its mission to find more ways to generate revenue, the platform is this week launching a new Creative Partner program to help advertisers connect with AR experts for Lens campaigns.

As explained by Snap:

"We're announcing the launch of a Lens Creative Partners program specific to building AR Lenses for brands. This group of certified creators spans large agencies and expert individuals who have been building engaging and immersive AR Lenses for Snap."

The initial collection of Lens Partners includes more than 30 certified creators - TechCrunch reports that the largest number of these providers are located within the U.S., followed by the U.K., then Canada and Australia.

To gain Lens certification, Snap says that creators need to be both experienced in developing quality AR, and to have completed a "rigorous course about the development process, creative best practices, ad policies and buy models of sponsored AR Lenses on Snapchat". In other words, Snap's saying that these partners know what they're doing - you can see a full listing of Snap partner businesses here.

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