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  • Farrah Jane Aujero Social Media Specialist

Pinterest Search volume increases to 150% as of 2021

From data of 2016, Pinterest recorded 2 billion search per month. Five years after, it increases to 150% user search that summed up to 5 billion per month.

The increase shows how search system has evolved to a more friendly system and accurate matches. The pre-pandemic and post-pandemic levels also boost the grow of its search volume. The reason is that people have more time now in searching different context such as outfits, vacations and home renovations.

With this, eCommerce and online product discovery have been uplifted. Pinterest focuses mostly on product listings and it helps users to find the right items to buy be that via clothing Pins, travel notes, recipes, etc. It is also a basis for ideas such as business ideas, daily quotes and home decorations.

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