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  • MaryGrace Lerin

Pinterest Releases 2022 Trend Predictions Based on Usage Data

Pinterest is really pleased with its annual forecast reports. Previously, the platform claimed that its trend forecasts for 2020 were 80% accurate, a claim it reiterates in its current Pinterest Predicts report, which presents an outline of where things are progressing in 2022 based on Pin activity across a variety of business sectors.

Pinterest has identified 35 trends that it claims are not currently trending but will be in the near future (Pinterest shared 30 trends last year).

The trends cover everything from make-up to fashion to home décor, with a few somewhat less Pinterest-y things thrown into the mix.

As seen here, Pinterest offers a detailed overview for each trend, as well as related search trends that it is detecting that support its prediction.

On its dedicated Pinterest Predicts mini-site, Pinterest has also provided a more graphic breakdown of each trend, as well as Pin examples in each category.

On top of its annual trends report, Pinterest is also offering personalized trend prediction information based on your Pin activity and Pinterest's trend notes, to help you identify the upcoming developments that are most likely to be of interest to you.

Our first-ever in-app experience is a set of personalized Idea Pins that will take Pinners on a journey through ideas they’ve loved, trends they might have been first to try and show their most inspired month in 2021, to our predictive suggestions of things they should try in 2022. To find Your 2022, open the Pinterest app on iOS or Android and click on the link on your home feed in the coming weeks.”

The new Trends interface, as shown here, will deliver personal usage insights as well as major trends from the broader report that correlate with your interests.

There's some intriguing data here, and if you're marketing on Pinterest or thinking about using it as part of your 2022 strategy, the search trend notes and data may provide some vital insight for your strategy.

Pinterest's track record is solid, with an 80 percent predictive value in terms of predicting what's coming next. Perhaps, there's a way to tailor your promotions to coincide with these upcoming developments.

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