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New overview of how nonprofits can make best use of LinkedIn

Should LinkedIn be on the radar for nonprofit awareness campaigns?

According to LinkedIn, nonprofits are "growing and thriving" on the platform, due, in part, to the fact that LinkedIn members are 56% more likely than the average internet user to donate to charities. 

I mean, that makes some sense - LinkedIn is the professional social network, where serious business people connect, and serious business people obviously need to be employed, and earning an income, in order to be serious business folk. 

Indeed, according to research, the average income of a LinkedIn user is $46,644 p.a., while 41% of millionaires also, reportedly, use the platform. That's a lot of potential donors, with a lot of expendable income, so while it may not jump out as the key place for a nonprofit to focus, it could be worth a look.

To provide more context on this, LinkedIn has published a new set of stats and tips to help nonprofits maximize their messaging on the platform. You can read LinkedIn's full overview here, but below is an infographic which outlines the main points.

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