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  • Meerelle Cruz

Meta Launches New Graph And Marketing API

Meta has released Facebook Graph API v14.0 and Marketing API v14.0, including the following updates that are important to developers. These updates contain announcements, product upgrades, and deprecation notices that are relevant to the platform's application(s) integration.

  1. Meta will support the construction and adjustment of Post Conversion Optimization starting with Graph API v14.0, allowing marketers to optimize for events further down the conversion funnel than the current portfolio of optimizations. A small number of advertisers are now testing the product.

  2. Businesses now have additional visibility into the Tech Provider app integrations they utilize for managing company assets on Meta's platform thanks to a new feature in Business Manager called "Connected Apps." Businesses can now use the Connected Apps feature in the system user tool to monitor and manage their Tech Provider apps. Meta wants to develop the Connected Apps feature in the next months to provide organizations more control and management over their Tech Provider app connections.

  3. The three categories, Transactional, Marketing, and One-time passwords, are more inclusive of marketing-focused use cases now feasible on the platform and will be enabled by Graph API v14.0 or higher, according to the business. Businesses can utilize the current template categories, such as Account Update and Shipping Update, on older versions of the Graph API until May 2024, when they will be deprecated.

  4. With the Graph API v14.0 release, Meta is introducing the username field to the user profile API on Messenger API for Instagram. This will make it easier for Instagram artists and businesses to troubleshoot conversation threads and manage interactions across different apps, such as Instagram, Page Inbox, and other customer service solutions.

  5. Parental access controls and monitoring apps that analyze user likes and post content will be permissible use cases. Parents and guardians use these apps to detect potential threats to the safety and well-being of children under the age of 18. As stated in the app's user interface, the apps are confined to teenage social media analysis. Enforcement action will be taken against apps that have access to these permissions but do not fall into the new authorized use cases.

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