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LinkedIn Releases New Research on Changing Branding Approaches

LinkedIn has released a new infographic that examines the benefits of branding from several perspectives, as well as how the pandemic is bringing these ideas closer together. COVID lockdowns prompted more people to work from home, resulting in a new trend in recruiting and expectations among potential employees, while the growing usage of internet channels has brought more components of branding closer together.

According to LinkedIn, brands must evaluate how they embed their brand DNA in diverse formats in order to maintain consistency.

“The most valuable brands are brands that tell a unified story. They show up consistently across audiences and touchpoints and the different dimensions of their brands have a hugely positive, cumulative effect.”

It's an intriguing viewpoint, and with more people than ever before having access to more information and understanding about your company, there's probably something to the idea of a more integrated, cumulative branding strategy.

More information is available in LinkedIn's 'Great Reshuffle' guide, as well as an overview of the important points in the infographic below.

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