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LinkedIn Introduces New Company Page Tools

Many individuals are looking for new jobs as the post-pandemic recovery begins to take shape, and many businesses are trying to hire new personnel as they reopen and plan for a brighter future.

This creates a big potential for LinkedIn, and the platform has today unveiled several new capabilities for LinkedIn Company Pages that will help businesses better align with the next stage of the process.

To begin, LinkedIn is introducing a new 'Primary Workplace' display option on company profiles, which will allow companies to specify whether their employees are generally 'remote,' 'hybrid,' or 'on-site,' providing greater insight into the options available.

The new 'Primary Workplace Policy' option, as seen here, will allow brands to highlight their staffing flexibility capacity in the top line of their on-page display, perhaps helping to attract a larger pool of possible job candidates as the WFH transition continues. Businesses will be able to express their immunization policy, salary modifications, and other policies in the same area.

Similar features have been added to LinkedIn job listings, giving businesses greater methods to disclose specific rules and procedures to help clarify what they offer as a workplace. With the options basically acting as a screening device for prospects, it will be easier to sift potential applicants and speed recruitment processes.

LinkedIn is also trying to improve its My Company features, which allow businesses to manage employee engagement through the app.

LinkedIn's My Company tools were first introduced in February, offering a way to engage directly with employees on the network and encouraging the sharing of specific information to broaden promotions and announcements.

LinkedIn is now expanding its capabilities in this area:

“With these [new] updates, you can easily curate content from your Page feed to the My Company Tab with the simple click of a button. We’ll notify employees as soon as new content is curated and drop them right into the re-sharing experience, so they know exactly how they can help amplify your messages. We’ll also show employees how their re-share matters, with a dynamic visualization of the content that others at the organization are sharing.”

Individuals drive greater engagement on LinkedIn than brand profiles, according to the My Company tab's concept, and employees are 60% more likely to participate with postings from coworkers than normal users. As a result, encouraging more direct employee sharing is a better approach to magnify your messaging, both within your company and across LinkedIn in general.

The latest improvements provide you more options in this area, and it's worth putting them to the test in your employee advocacy program.

Finally, LinkedIn has included new customizable competition metrics to your LinkedIn Page Analytics Tab, allowing you to compare the performance of up to nine of your competitors.

The listing, similar to Facebook's Pages to Watch, provides a basic comparison of how other Pages in your niche are performing on LinkedIn, which can make you feel better or worse about your own numbers.

However, LinkedIn has been extremely cautious in this regard, releasing only basic measures for comparison rather than in-depth performance data, which could operate as a disincentive. That means the statistics displayed won't provide you with a lot of information, but it may assist to put your findings in context and show how they compare to others in your field.

LinkedIn also mentions that engagement rate measurements will be added to this option in the near future.

These are some intriguing features that may provide further direction in your LinkedIn management process, as well as aid in the optimization of your recruitment and brand messaging. The relative effects of each will depend on how you utilize them, but they're well worth trying with to see whether they can help your company.

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