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  • MaryGrace Lerin

LinkedIn Analyzes the Latest Changes in Marketing Careers Due to The Pandemic

The post-pandemic environment is turning out to be markedly different from our pre-COVID circumstances, perhaps not in a daily routine context for others, but in terms of wider upheavals and changes in mindsets that have had a considerable influence on an individual's outlook in life.

One crucial part is how we approach our careers and work/life balance, and LinkedIn is studying the effects of the pandemic on how individuals are wanting to progress their careers and make changes as a consequence of changing circumstances.

Do you want to do more work from home, or have you already switched professions? Perhaps it's time to reconsider your alternatives and think about what companies are searching for in the current circumstances.

There are plenty of intriguing points to think about. You can read more about LinkedIn's complete 2022 Marketing Jobs Outlook report here, but you can also check out the infographic below and see how marketers have been affected by the changes brought by the pandemic.

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