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How Freelancers Can Take Advantage of LinkedIn's New Features to Increase Lead Generation

LinkedIn is seeing an increase in engagement as professionals evaluate their next opportunity and businesses seek expert guidance to steer their strategy as the vaccination rollout proceeds and more individuals look towards a post-COVID future.

Indeed, LinkedIn today has 774 million members, with three new people joining every second, and it has reported record levels of engagement for five quarters in a row, highlighting this opportunity.

As freelancers, this means more opportunities to connect with relevant opportunities - as long as you're doing it right and use LinkedIn's many features to guarantee your profile shines out and you connect in the most effective way possible. On this front, LinkedIn has just launched a few tools that can help you out. Here are three of the most recent LinkedIn enhancements that can help you improve your platform performance.

1. LinkedIn Service Page

LinkedIn first provided Services listings to freelancer profiles in 2019, but it recently updated its presentation options to make it even more valuable.

An example of Matt Navarra's services page is as follows:

As you can see, the revamped Services page structure includes a new 'Reviews' option for displaying customer testimonials, as well as a more focused focus on the services offered. Your LinkedIn Services listing can highlight your company's services while also assisting you in reaching out to potential clients - all for free.

A page dedicated to services:

  • LinkedIn members who are looking for your services are connected to you.

  • Allows potential clients to contact you for free, even if you aren't linked. Allows you to receive business inquiries from LinkedIn members who aren't in your network.

  • Allows you to be found on LinkedIn through service searches.

Tips for getting the most out of your free LinkedIn Service Page:

  • Choose from up to ten different services.

  • Fill out the 'About' box to tell potential customers more about what you have to offer (you can use up to 500 characters)

  • Add a work location - Select your present location as well as the “I am available to work remotely” option.

  • Once you've created your LinkedIn Service Page, share it as a post or in a message to let your network know you're #OpenForBusiness.

Check out LinkedIn's overview for more information on how to create your own LinkedIn Services page.

2. LinkedIn Service Page Reviews

As previously mentioned, LinkedIn just added a new 'Evaluations' area to its Services page choices, allowing you to highlight good client reviews as another approach to advertise your services. You can ask prior clients to review your services, with LinkedIn initially granting 20 credits for requesting reviews through the procedure (this ensures that individuals aren't bombarded with requests).

Tips for getting the most out of your LinkedIn Service Page Reviews:

  • As previously stated, you have the option of inviting up to 20 clients to review your services.

  • You can return the credit for a sent 'invite to review,' allowing you to invite another client instead.

  • To manage your review invitations, go to 'Service Page Reviews Status’. You can also send them a message to remind them of the review request, or you can withdraw the invitation as previously stated.

3. LinkedIn Video Meetings

LinkedIn just added a new native video conference option, allowing you to start a video session right from your LinkedIn messaging threads. You may utilize this function to hold face-to-face video conversations with potential clients right away, which will help you create trust and connection.

Tips for getting the most out of native LinkedIn Video Meetings:

  • You can currently host one-on-one video talks using native LinkedIn video meetings. LinkedIn is set to provide the option to organize group video meetings soon.

  • Send a link to a live meeting or set up a meeting at a later time.

Other video meeting providers supported by LinkedIn, such as MS Teams or Zoom, can be used for group video meetings.

LinkedIn is constantly introducing new capabilities, and the most recent improvements to its Service Pages and video tools might give you additional methods to engage with potential clients and raise awareness.

It's important to use these tools and lean into LinkedIn's current features to exhibit your talents and knowledge if you want to optimize your opportunities.

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