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  • Meerelle Cruz

Google's 'Frightgeist' Halloween Trends Mini-Site Has Been Updated for 2021

Looking for ideas for this year's Halloween costume or theme?

Google has updated its ‘Frightgeist' trends mini-site, which highlights important costume patterns based on search volume from around the United States. Each of the home symbols on the map gives you more information about local costume trends, and tapping on them gives you more information about related search activities and where each costume is most popular.

Google has also added a costume wizard, which suggests outfits depending on your location, preferred style (traditional or modern), and level of uniqueness and spookiness.

If you don't want to wear the same costume as everyone else, you can use Google search patterns to help you decide. Google has also revealed some overall Halloween search trends to help you think about it.

There are no rewards for guessing what the most popular Halloween costume trend is thus far:

  1. Squid Game

  2. Gorilla

  3. Britney Spears

  4. Carnage

  5. Venom

The Netflix blockbuster 'Squid Game' is the most popular Halloween costume right now, followed by 'Gorilla' and then Britney Spears.

It appears to be rather comprehensive, and there's even a Google Maps guide to Halloween that highlights all of the important landmarks in your neighborhood.

At the very least, the Google Trends listing could assist you in planning your Halloween marketing activities by emphasizing the important features of interest to your target demographic this year.

Perhaps you include a Squid Game theme into your promotions or look for a different slant on your displays. In any case, some intriguing insights may be useful in your preparation.

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