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Facebook Tests New Option to Share Events within Stories, New Link Sharing Process for Businesses

As Facebook continues to push ahead with Facebook Stories, and encouraging Stories use, it's trying out a new option which will enable users to share events they're interested in to their Story, where their connections will also be able to register interest for the same, right from the Story screen.

The new function - which is being tested in the US, Mexico and Brazil - will appear on the event page itself. When you tap on the 'Share to Story' option (within the share options for an event), you'll be able to create a dedicated Stories frame, with an event sticker, as shown in the second image above. From that sticker, your Story viewers can register their interest in the same, and you'll be able access a list of friends who plan to attend the event, helping you co-ordinate your attendance.

The sticker itself looks a lot like Instagram's recently added 'Question Sticker' for Instagram Live, which adds a more professional looking way to answer audience queries, as opposed to simply responding to questions submitted in the comments.

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