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Facebook Shares Insights Into Key Topics of Discussion Across Facebook and Instagram in Q1

Facebook has released its latest Topics to Watch report, which highlights the most popular rising topics of conversation across Facebook and Instagram, based on total mention volume, providing insight into trends that could help you concentrate your marketing approach. Facebook used to post monthly Topics to Watch updates, but now it publishes quarterly reports, and it's focusing more on Instagram with two main issues from each of its major platforms.

The quarterly feature of "Topics to Watch" highlights Facebook and Instagram conversation subjects that have demonstrated early growth trends comparable to previous topics that have sustained development. We cover emergent long-term trends rather than celebrities or current events that may occur in a given month. It is estimated that these issues will continue to increase based on our own study and investigation of similar data patterns. Facebook's analytics team has been able to identify a number of critical trends that have gone on to become major shifts in the past using this process, so it's worth noting the issues identified in your preparation.

In its most recent report, Facebook discovered the following.

First and foremost, 'Travel Photography' is having a moment on Facebook.

As you can see, now that travel is getting more affordable, people are eager to leave their COVID hovels and explore the world. People now have a greater respect for being able to travel as a result of pandemic travel restrictions and lockdowns both nationally and internationally. As people prepare to embark on their next vacation, they want to capture the major - and tiny - moments and share them on social media.

The graphs above illustrate the increasing volume of mentions for 'Travel Photography' and similar terms, while the bar graph reveals which demographics are the most active in the conversation. In addition, there is a concentration on 'Streetwear.'

With its blend of comfort and style, streetwear has proven increasingly desirable during the pandemic. As the United States reopens, people are bringing with them some epidemic hobbies, habits, and styles, and streetwear appears to be here to stay. That could provide some useful indicators for fashion firms, and indeed, any company planning a photoshoot with models in the near future.

The hashtag 'all-inclusive resorts' is trending on Instagram.

According to Facebook, "all-inclusive resorts" have become a popular choice for vacationers searching for a stress-free vacation. Many people believe that all-inclusive resorts are a safer option when planning their next vacation because they provide all lodgings, meals, drinks, and entertainment. As you can see, this option is very appealing to senior people. Finally, Instagram users are attempting to embrace a more "body positive" mindset.

During this time of uncertainty, the Body Positive Movement is assisting people in reevaluating their relationship with their bodies and feeling welcomed and accepted. This is particularly noteworthy in the context of Instagram, which has increasingly become a platform for airbrushed, filtered, and heavily manipulated versions of yourself. Now, it appears that the tide is turning, with more people wanting to return to more accurate depictions of people's actual appearances, which might be beneficial in a variety of ways.

As previously said, Facebook's Topics to Watch updates provide useful insight into what's popular, which can assist drive your social media marketing strategy and approach by providing new perspectives to explore. These themes may or may not resonate with your specific audience, but depending on your target demographic, they may be worth trying to see if they assist to establish community and boost engagement.

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