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  • Meerelle Cruz

Facebook Launches New 'Creative Guidance Navigator' to Provide Marketing Stats and Tips

Are you looking for strategies to improve the creativity of your Facebook ads?

This might assist: Facebook recently released the 'Creative Guidance Navigator', a mini-site with numerous ad recommendations and notes that can help you enhance your ad creative strategy. The mini-site is simple - as seen in this example, the main listing lists a variety of Facebook ad recommendations one by one, with a 'Load more' prompt at the bottom to produce additional relevant examples.

To acquire more particular creative notes relevant to your business specialty, you can filter the display by ad format, industry, region, and more. You can also forward each of the provided examples via multiple methods, check where that exact note was received from, and discover pertinent case studies that support each statistic. Each picture can also be downloaded for sharing and re-use, expanding the precise point into a broader graphic.

There's not much to it in terms of functionality, but it may help you develop your Facebook ad process by providing a wealth of useful comments and insights that can help you refine your approach and think of new ways to improve your Facebook ad campaigns.

With the effects of Apple's ATT update already reaching the Facebook ad ecosystem, testing new optimizations and processes will become increasingly crucial, especially for smaller advertisers who are more likely to be negatively impacted by the loss in available audience data. As a result, this might be a useful resource - and whether you're running Facebook advertising or thinking about launching one, it's worth spending a few minutes going over the suggestions.

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