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Clubhouse Launches Dark Mode UI on Android

Clubhouse has recently launched its dark mode interface as a response to user issues and requested UI.

The dark mode is defined as "light, but not too light, text on a velvety dark background" by Clubhouse. This improvement aims to make it comfortable for night owls to stay up till dawn on Clubhouse.

It can be activated by heading to the settings menu and selecting "dark mode", then you can choose between "Always Dark Mode" or "User Device Settings," depending on what is your phone set with at the time.

The new mode will be available to both iOS and Android users over the period of several days, with the platform welcoming any ideas and comments from its users.

On another note, Clubhouse had also released Game Room, a new method to interact with others on the social audio app.

It includes games like Wild Cards that are comparable to Truth or Dare and focuses on starting a dialogue.

A deck of cards full of discussion starters will be provided as part of the new gaming feature, and will also have a question-and-answer format that is identical to Wild Cards' truth or dare. Users can also decide who answers the questions, how long they have to answer them, and other factors.

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