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  • Meerelle Cruz

Clubhouse Enhances Accessibility by Adding Live Captions

Clubhouse has announced that closed captions are now available for Clubhouse discussions on iOS, which is a touch behind Twitter Spaces on this front. The new live captions feature will allow viewers to follow along in text format, boosting accessibility while also promoting increased usage by allowing individuals to tune in even when the sound is turned off. It can also aid in the clarification of context and meaning, with the added benefit of having the written text available to accompany the audio while it plays.

Clubhouse captions are now only available in English and on iOS, although 12 more languages are said to be in beta testing. As previously said, captions have always been available on Twitter Spaces, which is currently perhaps the most popular audio social site, albeit Twitter did have the advantage of having a live captioning back-end in place as a layover from Periscope.

Given the rise of Twitter Spaces, the road to Clubhouse's continued success is more difficult, but the app is still expanding, particularly in India, which is now its largest market, according to App Annie download data (10.3m downloads in India vs 5m in the US).

With a much larger potential audience base and Twitter failing to gain significant traction in the Indian market, Clubhouse may find the region to be a more beneficial focus – so, while its momentum in western markets has slowed, Clubhouse still has significant potential if it can maximize its take-up in different regions. And if it can establish a stable foundation, Clubhouse will be able to continue to expand, thus ensuring its long-term success.

While it may appear to have fallen behind, Clubhouse still has a chance to succeed in the future, and it might become a crucial connective tool for a variety of industries and demographic groups. Closed captions provide a new dimension to the campaign's overall message.

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