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  • MaryGrace Lerin

YouTube Unveils a 6,000-seat 'YouTube Theater' Which Will Host a Variety of In-Person Events

YouTube is seeking to expand its business with the opening of its new YouTube Theater for business in Inglewood, California, a 6,000-seat performance venue where it intends to host a wide range of live entertainment events.

YouTube will be using this new physical space to hold a variety of live events, such as concerts, theater performances, award shows, and eSports competitions.

It could become a popular convention location. Perhaps not right now, amid a pandemic, but YouTube Theater has the potential to become a venue for corporate events in the future, with the ability to link back to YouTube's app and tools adding greater capacity to optimize reach with your content.

Evidently, YouTube points out that the venue has built-in live-streaming capabilities – “so performers can live-stream their events to billions of YouTube viewers around the world.”

It's a fascinating extension of YouTube's online presence, as well as a physical symbol of the app's rising popularity. YouTube is fairly widespread these days, so it's not a huge surprise to see it take physical form. Nonetheless, the move into a physical location appears to be a significant statement, emphasizing the app's position as one of the most important entertainment and event tools in the world today.

It'll be intriguing to witness what events the YouTube Theater will host, as well as how the built-in video infrastructure applies to future YouTube clips.

The Hollywood Black Comedy Festival will be the venue's first event, beginning on September 3rd, and YouTube will shortly reveal the space's first "artist residency," which will apparently feature "one of today's most popular music groups."

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